Feeling Old (for the first time EVER)

The same summer, this one that is unfortunately almost over, I turned thirty and my son turned ten.  I think it was doing just one simple calculation that did it-made me feel older.  If I am thirty and I have a ten year old (or "ten year-older"as my daughter would say), that means I've been a mom for a third of my life.  I guess that little math equation just adds up to a big time investment.

As with all investments, the risk is huge!  Any loss of either small person would result in a devestation immeasurable and unimagineable.  But the pay off has been well worth it so far.....

I have a young son who opens my door for me nearly always and can sometimes beat me at chess.  I have a young girl who is the blindingly bright light in all of my days, who is not afraid to make me laugh and insessently reminds me that she loves me.  And I love her too. 

I must add that I am not biased in those remarks, I would rant and rave about what an unfair world I lived in to deserve such horrible children and what a complete waste of an incredibly hefty investment they even were at all...if any of that were true.  Well thankfully, it isn't.

Some things that also make me feel older are:

Actually getting hangovers
Back pain
Not liking any of the latest clothes at Urban Outfitters
Enjoying and planning expensive vacations
Outgrowing old friends

Older is wiser, that's what they say.  Oh, and I am wiser.  But that is another Blog....maybe many.

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Maundering mutterer said...

Oaaawww! you're such a cute ikkle youngster! Don't worry - the fun gets better as time goes on! :)

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