Hello.  My name is Annie.  I'm always up to something, and I have a lot of fun documenting that here at Ajax Day.

This blog is all about my explorations and loves in life; my pursuit of happiness:

>  working as an artist in metal jewelry, my latest business venture and artistic passion
>  creativity, there is always a big crafty mess on our table
>  mothering, MyGirl and MyBoy.  And two pups, Reuben and Bella, I heart family
>  being wiferrific to my husband, Matt.  He completes me
>  cooking healthy food, and recipes.  I love raw foods and vegetables
>  things that inspire me, because inspiration is the ultimate drug for an artist
>  random adventuring, nature, travel, backpacking, camping, hiking...I am a gypsy at heart

The players:






I own a shop on Etsy, Tarnished & True, where I sell my metal work.

If you like looking at jewelry and love supporting handmade, I hope you'll stop in my shop and take a peek around.

And if you like what you see here at AjaxDay, please stay a while.  It's a pleasure to meet you.