Zoo Day

One great thing about this place (OKC) is that it is big enough to have an impressive zoo.  And we WERE impressed!  My Girl was happy to see her favorite Hippo and MY Boy was happy to see his favorite variety of animal; all things reptile.  The zoo was busy, but the crowds were bearable as long as we hurried through any enclosed exhibits where the humidity made the crowds not bearable.

I love the zoo and it's bitter sweet experience.  Although zoos generally make me sad for the captive animals, this zoo was very kind.  Most of it's residents were roaming in large enclosures able to live an almost natural life.  Actually, some of the animals were a bit too comfortable, as we had to hurry the kids past a monkey exhibit while a male was looking up longingly at a female. She hung over the edge of a boulder and urinated on him.  He was very 'excited' about this, much to my disgust!

We walked and walked, peering in at rhinos (I finally know the plural for these is 'rhinoceros' (who knew??)), exotic birds, wild cats, bears, seals, monkeys, tortoise (impressively HUGE), and even an anteater.

Detailed and lifelike animal statues lined the walkways.  The kids insisted on posing at each bronze sculpture.  

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Maundering mutterer said...

A glorious day! I find monkey enclosures a bit 'Eeeyew' too!

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