Taking Down the Tent

Like a circus tent falling gracefully to the ground, the little fleeting life we built here is exhaling its last breathe.  The knot in my stomache, part nerves, part christmas-like anticipation, will only let up when we reach some sort of restful state.  

Destination:  Portland!!

But before that, a trip back home, across half the country to get our things, all left neatly (and half-hazardly) in storage.  Then on with fingers crossed to Portland (a town I have always loved...with its not too bigness and not too smallness) in hopes that we line up a nice house to rent.  (I know we will, but the anticipation is dreadful and I'm holding my breath till the perfect thing falls out of the sky (it will, it will!!).)

Also before Portland, Matt has to pass his exams.  Here is the note I will be slipping in his shirt pocket for inspiration (don't tell):

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Maundering mutterer said...

Oh wow! I didn't realize you weren't yet moved in to a new place! Here's wishing you a house that can be a good home.

Ajax said...

MM- Thanks, I needed that! I'm pretty excited/nervous about finding a nice place.

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