First Barbecue of the Season

The rain let up just enough yesterday to clean up the grill and try out barbecuing some burgers at the new house.  I had been looking forward to this all day, ever since Matt texted me the key ingredients:  Gruyere, thyme, bacon, and apples....all from a recipe he found in Men's Health at work.

We got to cooking.
organic beef ready for cooking
with all the ingredients mixed in

green apples cooked and softened in butter

adding the ground cardamon
to delicious bacon and shallots
I don't know about you, but this is making me hungry all over again.  I would call the recipe a major success (we didn't make the sauce so I can''t vouch for that) although there were quite a few steps involved.  The burgers ended up being cooked half on the grill (till they started falling apart) and then salvaged and baked for the remainder of the time.  The flavor of these burgers was PHENOMENAL!

What better way to bring in the spring?
A girl, her dog, and BBQ

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