Much Prefer Rain Over Tornadoes

With tornado warnings in Oklahoma this time of year, all I can do is thank my lucky stars that I'm here in Portland and not there.  It may be rainy and gray here every morning, but that is way nicer than a tornado!
Rain drops on roses

Gray Morning Sky
Other things I'm thankful for today are......

...my silly pup for company and snuggles:

Reuben the dog feigns innocence

Ruby's sassy yawn/back talking face

...and the front room coming together one unpacked box at a time:
Antique chair passed down 3 generations now
+ Antique door with mirror

Shadow box Mantel

The orange velour couch that only I like 
Now it's time to stop procrastinating on procrastinating on my taxes.  I'm filing an extension....

2 thoughts:

Open House LLC said...

You are incorrect my dear-I love the orange couch! Add some hot modern pillows and you are rolling in style. You have a wonderful artistic eye.

Ajax said...

Then, hot modern pillows I will add! And thank you for feeling some adoration for this otherwise sometimes unappreciated beauty of a loveseat.

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