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I've been reminded that today is the day that, seven years ago, my Mother passed.  Instead of dwelling on the unchangeable, I thought I would mention some happy things, because after all, it is spring and I'm not as mad at the flowers for blooming as I used to be this time of year.
The planters are planted..and pretty
The Touareg is in the shop, so I got the challenge of carrying potting soil home on the back of my little road bike.  Pretty talented, eh?
Much deserved dinner and desert fondue

After a delicious day of biking, tennis (my serve was HOT, and I have the sunburn to prove it), and planting flowers, Matt and I spoiled ourselves with fondue (again).  If I hadn't mentioned it before, the go-to fondue cookbook at our house is Not Your Mother's Fondue, by Hallie Harron.

Happy Easter, all.  

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Fi, Previously Owned said...

That is certainly the best way to remember someone. By happy things. Personally, my grandmother raised me, and easter is like the worst time because I get really emotional. We did so many things together around this time... But, just like you, onto happy things!

I love the fact that you rode your bike to get the soil and back. How awesome. If only I could ride a bike over here. I'd get run over in less than 5 seconds haha

hope you're well dear!

oh, and would you like to have a free spot on my May sponsor group? I really want to feature you on my blog. What do you think? Send me an email if you're down for it!


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