Work Space Dreaming

As the washer and dryer are running in the background, and I'm about to head out into the sunshine with the dog (instead of changing the wash)...I'm dreaming about the work space (metal studio) that is coming together for me in the garage.

Things that make a sweet workspace:

1)  Good Lighting:  I think a funky industrial light would be a good choice.
2)  Comfort:  An old comfy couch is a must, for daydreaming up brilliant designs, or staring off into space, or maybe an inspirational nap.  (I would love to try and take on this patchwork re upholstery project myself...fun!)

3)  A functioning work bench:  Here are some benches in other working artists studios for inspiration.



These next few weeks I will be busy putting something similar together for myself.  I can't wait to post before and after photos of my work space, because that will mean that I can get to work!

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