Good Times

 For a really YUM kabob baste recipe, go here.  I had nearly all of the ingredients already, lots of common stuff went into this recipe which is quick and easy...AND it was a complete hit all around the dinner table.  Can't beat a recipe that is a complete meal and can stand alone: steak, potato, bell pepper, and tomato.

+Game Night.  We've been very into Cribbage lately.  I grew up playing hearts and rummy but never Cribbage.  Matt taught me the other night and I'm hooked!  Fun fact:  The guy who invented Cribbage in the early 1630s was a crazy womanizing game shark of a knight, Sir John.  And, like many brilliant people, killed himself at much too young an age (32).  Anyway, I won, and I think thanks to the lovely 'I <3 U' necklace MyGirl tied around my neck during the game.  Lucky!

Happy Weekend!

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