16+ Miles and A Marriage (Part One)

I can't begin to relate how incredibly beautiful the McKenzie River Trail is.  We hiked over 16 miles through an old growth forest of Douglas Fir and Cedar, over a 1500 year old lava bed, beside rainbow lit waterfalls.  Wild rhododendrons bloomed and littered the path with pink petal confetti.  Small succulents clung to lava rocks speckling the scene with bits of white or purple or yellow flowers.  Mushrooms popped up, hidden on the forest floor amidst decomposing branches.

 All along the way the powerful waters of the McKenzie River flowed beside (and sometimes beneath) us.  We were amazed by an incredible three waterfalls which had formed long ago when the river was forced to traverse its way around the ancient lava flow.

The river flows underground for quite a few miles until it emerges at a point called the Blue Hole.  The water is an insanely rich electric turquoise.

We hiked about 8 miles each day, stopping for snacks and to filter water from the river for us and the dog.  By the time we reached camp, we were ready for good food and a game of cribbage.

Throughout our trip, Matt and I enjoyed our alone time, without work, kids, day to day stress...it was just the two of us...the dog, the trees, the river, and our packs.  We love getting out of town like this where there is nothing to worry about but simply living and enjoying each other's familiar company.

This trip was planned as part of our elopement, the plan was to get married the day we returned home!  (You may remember our engagement.)  As I post this, listening to the Indigo Girls, and sipping black coffee, I am happily married...

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iris said...

Oooh, congrats!!!
P.S. It looks like a lovely trip, a great way to start things off :)

Ajax said...

Thanks Iris!

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