My Infatuation With Turquoise Comes From the Desert

Junk Pile in Abiquiu, New Mexico

Sawtooth Mountains Seen From the Idaho Desert

Sundown at Anderson Ranch Reservoir, Idaho
I grew up in the west in Idaho, climbing foothills, familiar with sagebrush.  I love the openness that is the desert, with its vast blue skies and subtle wheats and yellows that paint the land in grasses and sticker bushes.  As you can see, Idaho is full of the desert's beauty.  A few summers ago when I stayed in Abiquiu, New Mexico, I fell in love with the desert all over again.  So I must be a bit of a western girl at heart (just a tiny bit) and I love wearing anything with a turquoise stone in it.  This week, I have had the pleasure of making my own turquoise jewelry, I think it carries a desert essence, don't you?

Daydreamer Ring

Wallflower Ring

2 thoughts:

Erika Lee Sears said...

I have always loved turquoise- i think its the organic quality with the bright blue color. :)

Raina Cox said...

I've long wished my birthday was in December so my birthstone could be tur-quaz.

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