A Summery Sleuth & My Birthday (again)

Wearing Handmade Cuff By:  MyGirl
Well, I had another birthday.  It was pretty great as long as I conveniently forgot which year I turned.  I swear, it seems like the time just gets more precious the older I get.  I am happy to report one great thing about getting older:  I get power tools as presents.  Yes!  My honey surprised me with a new torch head AND a tumbler (which means my jewelry has had a complete makeover which I cannot wait to photograph in all of its shiny splendor)!  We ate some cheese cake.  MyGirl made this beautiful cuff for me all by her nine-year-old self with felt and beautiful stitching (I'm super proud), and MyBoy created a very nice piece of collage art that I must frame.  Possibly the cutest birthday event was my morning puppet show presentation of the "Happy Birthday Song".  So, to another year.  Cheers!

5 thoughts:

Katie said...

Happy birthday!! xo That cuff is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy birhtday!! I wish I had a puppet show my last birthday...maybe this one, lol!

EQ said...

Happy birthday my sweet friend!

Chandra said...

You look hot! Here's to growing older and getting better :D

Ajax said...

Thanks all!!

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