Meet & Greet: Thomas, the Ferret

Meet Thomas.  He is the sweet little ferret who belongs to MyGirl!  She does a very thorough job these days taking care of him and she loves giving him a bath in her bathroom sink.  Tomtom is now about four years old, we have had him since he was a tiny baby!  He likes to eat peanut butter and cat food.  MyGirl likes to dress him up in doll clothes, and she makes leashes for him out of old socks and yarn.  Tomtom doesn't seem to mind.


Thomas gets along fabulously with Reuben, the dog.  I think Tommy showed Ruby who's boss when they were both babies, Reuben was caught with Thomas hanging from his bottom lip!  Ever since then, they've played well together.

Ferrets aren't for everybody, but we love our little guy!  Here are some fun ferret facts.  Also check out this site for even more info.

Ferret, Power Animal, Symbol of Keen Observation

By Ina Woolcott

Ferrets are members of the weasel family. Their medicine includes stealth, cunning, skilful hunters, cleverness, ingenuity, revenge, keen observation, ability to see hidden reasons behind things.

Archaeological and historical sources suggest that ferrets have been domesticated for 2,500 years at least. Greek historical give reference to the ferret about 450 BC. Roman documents refer to the use of ferrets to hunt rabbits around the time of Christ.

Very skillful tunnel hunters, it is believed ferrets were used by the Egyptians as well as farmers and seafarers to get rid of rodents in barns and on ships. However, the history of the ferrets domestication is speculative, without any concrete evidence, giving this small animal an illusive air.

Ferrets are cheerful, playful animals with the inquisitiveness of the raccoon and the amiableness of a kitten. They are also opportunists, quick to take advantage and will filch anything they can drag to a safe hiding place to be used at a later time. Brainy and cunning the ferret shows us how to use our creativeness to build a safe haven for ourselves, and to stock up with things that may be needed - always be ready for any situation that may come into existence. The ferret is a good, helping ally to have around in hard time. more...

4 thoughts:

Cassy said...

Awe what a cutie!! Great photos :)



Ps. I'm having a GIVEAWAY on my blog for anyone who is interested!

The Lunatic Pope said...

awww! He's adorable

Sarah said...

That is SO sweet that you got her a ferret! My family wanted one for years but we never got around to it - just seeing this and how happy she is with one makes me want to go out and hide one in my school apartment :)

Kristy Lynn said...

pretty darn tootin cute i'd say!

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