Gratified Fridays: Studio Time

It's Veteran's Day!  Why am I so excited....it's a holiday for the kids, so no school.  That means we get to bum around the house all day.  I plan on working in the studio, which I have been meaning to do all week, and I bet the kiddos will be right beside me cooking up their own crafty projects..sculpy, painting, drawing...they always surprise me with their innovations.  Hopefully I'll have some of my own!

So this friday, I am grateful for getting in some studio time and for having no other plans at all.

Happy 11-11-11, everyone!

6 thoughts:

Jessica Wray said...

you're pup is sooo cute!

Javid S. said...

I like your dog :)))

Halina said...

Oh! You'r lucky to have one! (Studio- I mean). Oh how I wished that I could have one :D Looks cool!

Chandra said...

rueben is quite the apprentice!

Emma said...

Hope that you had a productive studio session!

Laura said...

I love that! I think it's great you welcome your children into your studio time with you. Visiting from Fab Friends Friday.

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