Gratified Fridays: Christmas is Coming & Happiness

I think this pic speaks for itself.  I am so grateful this week for my husband.  He surprised me and took me to the quaintest local tree venue for a Christmas tree (they had cocoa and were third generation family tree farmers).  He climbed up on the roof and put up lights.  He's just the best.

The kids are downstairs as I type this, singing random versions of Christmas songs in a fort they made in the front room.

Thank you, Christmas for the cheery spirit and the inspiration to love large.

3 thoughts:

Shaheen said...

Now this is love.

Happy December Days!

sacramento said...

Sooooooooooooooo lovely.
My daughters were born in England, and I waited for them to want to have them pierced, so give her time, jejeje.

Chandra said...

So Sweet!...I can feel the love.

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