Finding Meaning & Happiness

I'm taking a workshop this semester about happiness.  Isn't that a wonderful topic to study?!  I am really enjoying it so far and learning a thing or two about what happiness actually is.

We watched this little video (I think you'll like it too).

Some things the class has discussed:

>>>Hobbies and intellectual pursuits that you find yourself vitally engaged in bring a sense of meaning to life, and thus a sense of happiness.

>>>Having a sense of purpose to life, that your life is significant, creates a sense of well being, or happiness.

>>>Meaning in life comes from:  comprehending one's existence, identifying and achieving valued goals, feeling fulfilled by life, etc.

>>>A sense of well being or happiness causes all sorts of good things to happen:  stronger immune system, better cardio health, economic and career success, productivity, dependability, and creativity....

These things seem kind of obvious, but there are real scientists out there researching the meaning of happiness and how to achieve it.

The one thing that I am really taking away so far is that in order to find true happiness, we have to do what we love.  We have to pursue the things in life that give us purpose.  We have to get lost in our passions.  And, hey, if science is backing those mantras, even better!

"My Happiness is not the means to my end.  It is the end." Ayn Rand

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memory said...

i can see where the 'sense of well being' one is true. i am much more productive when i'm happy! (:


Carolyn Dube said...

Once again your post hit home for me. I have been at a fork in the road of my life. My goal is to pick the road that brings me happiness but how I define that happiness is the tough part right now. Your post has offered me more thoughts to add to my internal discussion of happiness. Thanks!

Chandra said...

Thank you for sharing this lesson :D It amazes me as to how simple finding our happiness can be if we just allow ourselves to do so. Happy Wednesday!

laruelapalooza said...

This is a fantastic post! I totally believe in everything that you've spoken about above. "It's the journey not the destination" mantra! Or like Dan Eldon said..."the journey is the destination." You would love his journals, you should look him up :)

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