Gratified Fridays: Healthy & Happy

Looking back over last week, I am happy that I had this cute pup to keep me company through the first week of my semester (can you resist those ears??).  We did a lot of reading and even took a few quizzes together, the pup Reuben was very supportive.

Once I got past the enormity of my class expectations (it is quite overwhelming reading all the syllabi in one day--don't do it) I felt like I could get through it, if I just took things one week at a time. My planner is coming in handy for that!

This week was also full of healthy stuff!  Matt and I went running five times and I watched as my cardio improved exponentially, it seemed.  (We are working to get back into shape ater a long holiday hiatus.)  I started counting my food calories, because, can you believe this, I was not eating enough during the day!  I am now working on meeting my 2000 calorie diet goals every day.  It helps me to eat two breakfasts.  I can really tell a difference in my energy levels.

Quite a surprise to me, my shop has been very busy.  I imagined January would be quite dead, with the after christmas lull and all...but no!  I have been a busy girl out in the shop whipping up stacking rings and hoop earrings and little post earrings too!

Quite the busy week, and I am so grateful it is the weekend!!!

Happy friday to all of you who I imagine are ready for some R&R as well.

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Chandra said...

I have a secret crush on Reuben!...Here's to a semester filled with A's and a weekend filled with beautiful rest and relaxation :D Enjoy!

Shockgrubz said...

Glad to hear that both business and health are picking up for you. I may need two breakfasts as well, but rarely have the time to do so. I crave that R&R you speak of, and just got a little reprieve from normal weekend work.

Annie Smith said...

Shockgrubz-one little yogurt has over a hundred calories and is super easy. I love the greek ones AND you get some protein. :)

memory said...

sounds like such a productive week! lots of runs and good breafasts...i love breakfast! (:

thanks for the follow, dear! i'm glad we're 'officially' blog friends now! (:

oh and horse riding isn't all that tough. (: i'm sure you would get the hang of it real fast!


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