Gratified Fridays

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Back to the regular post...

Good news, everybody!  I finally got a new Iphone, so you can expect better photos on my blog from now on!  Really, I got the phone just for you, sweet readers.  See:  Here are two really good photos of all the work I've been up to this morning:

Much improved, no?

On to being grateful for things other than the latest material gains...I want to talk about how great my customers have been.  Seriously, they have the best ideas sometimes!  I have listed three new things this month that customers came up with.  I know if I just listen and take these great ideas to the bench that  my shop will continue to grow.

#1     I got an order for my Isis Hoops, but she wanted them a bit smaller...totally cute that way!
#2     Instead of copper, these rough diamond studs were requested in golden brass...bling!
#3     Over Christmas a customer turned my copper dot ring into a copper heart ring...so cute!

And then there's these two:  Matt & Ruby  *LOVE*

Happy Friday all, I hope everyone has a lot to look back on and be grateful for today too.

5 thoughts:

memory said...

lucky you to have an iphone! they take such great pics (:

gonna go enter the giveaway! thanks for the shoutout.


clussster.com said...

Aw dude, thanks so much for the giveaway promo. :) So looking forward to the reaction of the reader when they win!

also, that heart ring has my mind on crazy! I'd have to consult with you later. Would like a stack of 3. They're so cute!

Geri Centonze said...

I get so excited when I see my Isis earrings! They're on their way here too - can't wait!!!!

Annie Smith said...

Geri~ I can't wait till you get them. They are super pretty.

Saturday Sequins said...

I love that you're getting all sorts of custom orders. That's awesome! I adore the little heart ring.

I'll have to check out this giveaway, too. :)

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