Gratified Fridays: Lucky

Yesterday we went house shopping, and walked through this incredible farmhouse circa 1925.  Historic and amazing, and in need of LOTS of love.  Matt and I talked about it over buffalo wings and Guinness.  

We talked about what we wanted our mortgage payment to be and discussed how well my business is doing, that it is becoming a relieable income.

Then he said, that he didn't want me to have to make jewelry.  He said, "what if you want to start painting again?"...he wants my business to remain fun, and the extra money to be just that for us, extra.

Sweetest man alive.  I'm pretty darn grateful that I married such a loving guy.  *Lucky*

We will find the right house eventually, and for now I am just loving the shopping around phase!

Till then, this dinky little park by our house will have to suffice for the brilliant backyard and garden that we are dreaming of...

Happy Friday, friends!!

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