WOYWW: A Days Work, Step by Step.

Today I made this.

This ring is solid sterling silver with a beautiful piece of fossilized Indonesian Coral set in a fine silver bezel.  I have been holding on to that stone for quite a while now, and not because I wasn't inspired!

It is just beautiful.  I just haven't found the time lately to get creative in my shop, but today was it.  I just let everything go (well, after the two rings and pair of earrings I had to make for orders due).

Yep, I did not do the dishes.  I did not do any homework.  And, I did not remember to eat lunch.

That's the way it goes sometimes in the land of the inspired.

I had a lot of fun cataloguing the making of this ring and spending a good full day doing what I love.

Happy wednesday all, and to visit more work desks....go visit Julia at Stamping Ground.

P.S.  This ring is a size 7 and will be in my shop by tomorrow!

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