Perfection & Chaos

Do you remember the game called Perfection, the one with plastic puzzle pieces that pop out and you have to try to put them all back together before the timer goes off and pops them back out all over again?

We have this old vintage version of the game:

Around here, things have felt a lot like playing that game lately!  One minute things seem to be almost in order, and then---POP---everything is in chaos again.  I know it will only take some time before things settle their way down to a level of manageable disruptiveness....but not yet it seems.

Amidst the unpacking, moving and cleaning, there have been some beautiful moments; discovering a new bakery and cookies and sitting out on our deck overlooking the luscious northwest landscape that has become my new backyard.  We even managed to host a small dinner party.

But I am reminded of a few concepts like, "if you have nothing to lose you have nothing to gain," and "life has a way of making you live it"...(pretty sure those are Indigo Girls lyrics).  

Just as things were feeling right, and the elation over finally being in this lovely big new house was starting to sink in....our puppy Bella jumped off the deck and broke her leg.  Badly.

Poor girl, she spent thursday evening at a late night emergency vet visit, friday morning in surgery, and came home saturday with a plate and seven pins holding her back femur together. 

Here she is post-op with an IV:

I am still so glad things weren't worse for her!  Apparently after her surgery, another dog was scheduled for repair of his two front ankles which he broke doing the same jump off the deck trick.  Things can always be worse.


There cannot be perfection without chaos.

This week, as Bella continues to heal, the kids will start at their new schools, work will start up again regularly in the shop, and things should again start to feel settled.

Think good thoughts for Miss Bella.

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