WOYWW: New Shop Space

The more time I spend here, the more I realize this is the perfect house for me.  The most obvious reason being the shop that was already in place when we moved in!  What an improvement from that old little corner in the garage...I have an entire room all to myself. **lucky**

I don't have the best photos of the end result yet, mostly because the shop is a mess from me working like I'm my own slave on orders that keep flooding in.  But I have painted all of the cabinets from an old dark brown to a warm white (paint I found in the closet).

Like all new things, it has taken some getting used to being in a new space.  Things are in a different place, my flow is slightly interrupted...but I love what is happening so far.

More photos to come soon!  I'm off to work!

Happy WOYWW all you crafty people.  Visit stamping ground for more work benches.

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