Lately In Pictures

Fall roses in a vase.

Sending jewelry off to other countries is always so exciting.

Bella in the shop where she is still supposed to be taking it easy as I work.  She comes up on my lap every 20 minutes or so, between chew toys, to check out what I'm working on.

Gorgeous autumn sunshine and soaking it up over my lunch break on our deck.  I sent this photo to Matt while he was working, it's fun to let him know I'm thinking about him...even though I'm sure it also makes him jealous that he isn't at home enjoying himself with me.

Ceramics score from the goodwill, I love hand thrown cups of all shapes!

Bella & Me working some more.  She's so pretty.

One of my most popular pairs of hoops, made and ready to ship out.

One of the first metal projects I did in my first metalsmithing class.  I had a friend over last week for her own intro lesson and enjoyed passing on some or my knowledge over tea and good company.

Things have been pretty good lately, except for this incessant back pain...  Today I went to a physical therapist and also had my spine x-rayed so things can only get less painful from here.  It's funny that I hurt myself so badly doing something that was so good (moving into our new house).

That's how it is though, life.  Take the good with the bad, and try to focus hard on the positive.

There are good and bad times, but our mood changes more often than our fortune. 
Thomas Carlyle 

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