Christmas Recap

Our Christmas was certainly complete with: Wonder Woman legos, pumpkin pie, puppies, thoughtful gifts, a Christmas morning fire, and I even wore a Christmas outfit!  There was a lot of relaxing throughout the day with good friends while the kiddos learned how to use their new Kindles....still need to install that parental control, but am letting them have at it while they can. ;)

I am feeling fully recharged and ready to jump back into work, and routine.

Hope the holidays brought light and love to you all as well!

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Corrine said...

Looks idyllic.....Pretty dress and snazzy boots! xox

Raina @ If the Lamp Shade Fits said...

Wonder Woman is mee-yad!

Happy New Year to you and the fams, m'dear!!

Middle Sister said...

Looks perfect! And all in your new home. What fun.

Chandra said...

{I want those bracelets} Sorry, what I meant to say is I'm glad you enjoyed your first Christmas together in the new house. How could it not have been great with a warm fire, pumpkin pie, and wonder woman legos?!? Now back to those bracelets...

Annie Smith @AjaxDay said...

Those bracelets are so you! They were the one gift I got myself this christmas. ;) Recycled plastic jelly bangles-how can you go wrong!

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