Official Love Day

I wish everyday was a day where we were officially supposed to show our love for the special people in our lives. Matt gave me the prettiest bouquet-full of so many different flowers!  MyGirl gave me a very impressive painting that I know she spent a lot of time on.  MyBoy didn't even know it was Valentine's day...but he enjoyed getting treats from me.  I made Matt a card with some pretty cheeky poetry in it.  Here is a sample:

"you listen to my girly soundtrack,
even though you'd rather hear 'baby got back'...

sometimes I can't believe how different we are,
I like sci-fi and you like the football stars...

you look down on me, but only because you're tall
you would never mean to make me feel small...

sometimes, even though you hate it,
you eat the veggies because I made it..."

Well, you get the idea.  We made the obligatory fondue, drank a great bottle of South African wine, and sat in front of a roaring fire.  I still feel loved...little V-day love hangover going on here.

I hope every one out there feels loved.

Love Is All You Need
Love Is All You Need
Love Is All You Need
Love Is All You Need
Love Is All You Need
Love Is All You Need
Love Is All You Need

-The Beatles

2 thoughts:

Corrine said...

Sweet! xox

chandra said...

that love of yours knows how to pick out the perfect bouquet! hope the hangover continues to linger on....and on....and on! xo

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