Adventures in Raw Cooking

Lately, the kitchen has been a mess of carrot tops, juice spills, beet greens, and all the other makings of many a raw entree.  I've been completely in awe of the variation one can find in eating only raw foods.  For instance, I decided a sushi night would be fun, as the kids enjoy it and the making of it is always a fun group project.  Well, I found a raw sushi recipe (sans rice) that was indescribably good!  In place of rice, the recipe called for cauliflower, a bit of tamari and lemon juice, and pine nuts all ground up to form a very rice-like product.  As I was busy food processing, I wondered who came up with this?  Someone one day said to themselves, "gee, I'll bet if I grind up a bunch of raw cauliflower, it will look and taste just like white rice and be awesome in a sushi roll"!  Anyhow, that stroke of genius made me forget all about the usual cream cheese and smoked salmon I usually make sushi rolls with.  Here's a pic (not mine) and a link to the recipe if you all want to try it.


I also made some simpler rolls with raw spinach and avocado rolled up in some nori, quite delicious.    I plan on continuing on with this detox raw diet thing until tuesday, the last day of the 30 day detox. Tuesday will find me indulging completely in whatever divine treats my little heart desires.  Yay me!!  So far, plans include fine food and drink such as wine filled cheese fondue, chocolate fondue for desert, and lots of red wine in between.  Don't think for a second that I will have fallen off the raw food wagon completely at this point.  Eating raw foods and freshly juiced juice daily has really made me feel incredibly in tune with my much healthier feeling body.  And, with such positive results, I will continue the work to incorporate such healthy choices more regularly.

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Maundering mutterer said...

Very educational! Your creativity extends to the kitchen I see. (Fumes off feeling inferior) :)

Maundering mutterer said...

Oh yes, and that plug's a-coming, alright - you write well whether on art or cookery or life! You're so versatile though! I'll have to get creative when explaining what your bolg's about!

Ajax said...

Thanks MM, I love the kitchen...I'm one of those Jill of all trades types...now if I could only master one!

Looking forward to your blog review. :)

jenn said...

nom. nom. nom.

i'll have to try this one!

Ajax said...

Jenn, love your profile pic, and you will be oh so impressed with how "sushi-like" the taste of this not rice mixture is!!

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