Changing Orbit in My Life

I borrowed this title from The Weepies, one of my favorite bands, I think the description fully encompasses the changes that have been moving through my world.  It is like a whole new orbit.

I changed the wallpaper on my phone from a bad ass image of Wonder Woman shaking her fist at the world to a vintage mom-ish looking woman in the kitchen.  The new image has text that says, "another day in paradise".  Both inspirational, the second just a bit less angsty.

I changed my diet.  Twenty two days ago today, I cut alcohol out of my life completely (yes, I had a dry Christmas and New Years), and so began a thirty day detox (which hasn't been easy!)...Not drinking made me feel like a real rebel over the holidays.

It's amazing how sneaky red wine can be.  Some red wine is really good at taking the edge off of a stresser of a day, but when I found that an evening at home just wasn't complete without it, I needed to show myself who was boss.

"First the man takes the drink; then the drink takes a drink; then the drink takes the man," ~Japanese Proverb

Self discipline is never a reliable force without a lot of focus.  I've really had to devote myself to clarity, my health, and my goal.  It is all paying off however, as I am finding the world to be wonderful without a few glasses of wine.  

I'm typing this while drinking some fresh juiced carrot, cucumber, and beet juice because I have felt so great this last week that I thought I would take my thirty day detox to a new level.  I started a mostly raw diet per Natalia Rose's twenty one day detox plan.  Dark chocolate is permissible so I think I'll be able to stick with it.  

To Life!

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Maundering mutterer said...

Oh my! I nearly missed this one! I'm typing this while drinking a beer, BTW! Good for you with the healthy stuff.

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