Arcadia Park

We had intended on visiting the OKC zoo, but after being completely mislead by google maps and the iphone, we opted for an exit off the highway to Arcadia Park.  I'm guessing this alternative excursion was way better than the zoo!

The day was a treat, full of sunshine and warm as spring.  What a nice change from the freezing temperatures of only the day before which left Arcadia Lake deeply frozen.

There was a strong breeze that, as it blew across the frozen lake, pushed slabs of ice onto the beach.  The ice made a sound like a wind chime as it stacked up on top of the red sand.  It was magical.

The kids had a great time throwing ice slabs across the top of the icy lake.  They made houses with ice walls for little creatures to inhabit.  They made ice patties and ice sundaes for me to make-believe eat.  And we grown-ups laid on the dry winter grass soaking up the sun.

The land was so different, red sand, stumps dried out with age, and roots tangled up everywhere.
As the sun started to set, we were all full of fresh air and glad the zoo hadn't been the destination after all.

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Open House LLC said...

Hi Annie,

Thrilled you are blogging and very fun to see photos of the kids. I have been blogging for over a year. What fun it's been.

Ajax said...

Erin...we miss you!! So glad you're here. <3

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