Oklahoma Randomness

It really does feel like I am living in another country.  Oklahoma City is nothing like any other place I've lived!

People call me 'honey' all the time and they tell me, "y'all have a good day now, ya hear?".  Everyone is really friendly.

Eating out, the portions are large enough to feed us three times. And sides are all the rage, you order a main dish and choose three sides from a list of ten!  (It's a good thing there is a gym at the place we stay.)

The highway system is hectic, it feels like the whole city is highway, no regular roads at all.  And with all of the two ton trucks people drive here...it can be intimidating to merge.

Women wear loads of makeup...turquoise eyeshadow, bright pink rouge, lipstick...I wonder if I'm at cirque du soleil?

Bumperstickers:  "I do my best, god does the rest," and I've only seen ONE 'Obama' sticker (I don't think there are many democrats here).

The local Walmart is the unfortunate choice for shopping, as there is zero alternative.  We found one health food store across town but the prices were so outlandish it isn't even worth it (and the selection for fresh dairy and produce is limited).  A half gallon of organic milk was six bucks!  So we buy soy milk at Walmart and get in and out as quick as we can.  

For Valentine's Day, I wanted fondu.  It took me all morning online to find a place that sells raclette and gruyere.  I was lucky to locate a little mediterranean deli hidden among the commercial sprawl that makes up this city.  (They also had yummy macaroons and garlic stuffed olives that had to come home with us.)

The people here are SO overweight!  It's sad to see so many unhealthy people.  Even the young people are overweight, it just seems to be the norm.

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