Edward Shenton and Goodbye Oklahoma Forever

Extra strong coffee this morning to fuel the packing and cleaning that today demands.  We leave Oklahoma tomorrow!!  (No offense, Oklahoma, but I'm not going to miss you and I hope I never see you again...that's how I really feel.)

As a congratulations gift for Matt, I ordered him an Edward Shenton giclee print from Art.com.  I want all of Shenton's airplane art, I love the simplicity of the design, bold colours, and movement that seems inherent in each one.

I got Matt this one (it reminds me of the day he proposed to me since he took us up in a little prop plane):
"Good Visibility"
Here are some of Shenton's other works...I love them all.

"Curtis Jenny"

"Charles Lindbergh"

"An American Monoplane"

"Ornithopter 1928"

"Launching a Glider..."

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Open House LLC said...

Great prints. Would love to see some of your own art. Have you taken time to do any? Portland will be a great city for you all. Enjoy!

Ajax said...

I've done a lot of art..working in metal now too! You can see some under the Art label of my blog. :)

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