The Big Move...so far

 Here we are in Portland, hotel-ing it, the U-haul packed and waiting in the lot outside.  House hunting.
On the way back to the hotel from a day of house hunting, the kids say, "Are we going Hotel-home?"  Thank goodness we have a 'hotel-hot tub'.

The zoo, (ferret, lizard, and dog) is staying at hotel-home too.  The front desk called...and says, "we didn't change the sheets, do you have kids in the room??  There are phone books holding up blankets between the beds...and is the light (heat lamp for the lizard) okay?"  We just laugh.  It's all okay.

Uhaul  full of House
Dog Shotgun
I can't wait to sleep in my own bed again; two months in Oklahoma , four days of driving across half the country, and two days of house hunting.  C'mon, Portland, give us an awesome house.

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