Getting Girly (or...what's in my bathroom)

Daily Routine Treats
With Winter almost on the way out, what better time to feel fresh and lovely?  And what better way to inspire Spring to get it's cute ass out here then spa-ing it up in the bathroom?

Here's what's in my bathroom...in my quest to balance the girly in me with the hippy at heart.  

From left to right:

Jason Essential Tea Tree Oil Natural Body Wash~  the invigorating smell of tea tree is oh so 'good-morning-ish'. 

Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil~  for shining up those tattoos and feeling pretty!

USPA Facial Moisturizer~  though it's made for a man, this subtly musky scented moisturizer makes my cheeks soft and girly. It's full of organics and australian!

Hara Juku Fragrance~  you'd end up with this fragrance if you took my old standby vanilla patchouli, toned it WAY down and added a hint of ladylike sweetness.  The adorable bottle is irresistible.

Desert Essence~  ahh, this has been on Co-op shelves forever, and still gives the same tea tree and sage feel of deep clean.  Makes me love washing my face.

Okay Spring, I hope you are listening and ready to warm me up with some nice sunshine.  It's time.

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