Bird on a Wire and Why the Wrong People are Killed in Natural Disasters

While there may be earthquakes and tsunamis in other parts of the world these days, birds are everywhere here in Oklahoma City.  They line signs, fences, and telephone wires.  the birds make up little dotted lines everywhere, life going on living, even in the wake of worldly disaster.

I couldn't resist a photo the other night as the sun was setting.  We had been perusing  books for sale at a local book store and as we left, I needed a photo of the birds on the wire over the parking lot.  Matt came up with the brilliant idea of throwing a stone for the second shot so I could get the birds in action too.
Undisturbed Birds

Disturbed Birds

The photos turned out just as nice as I had anticipated, but what I didn't anticipate when taking them was the truck driving, mean spirited, beer belly having Oklahoman pounding on the hood of the car as we pulled away.  Matt rolled down the window to glares and accusations.  All angry, and full of spit and bullying, the guy insisted that Matt's stone hit his beloved truck.  

The way he angrily accused Matt and the way he was hefting his body weight around, made it clear that this guy and chivalry were worlds apart. Seemed like he was looking for a real western brawl!

Matt looked at me calmly, I looked out at this guy like he was insane, and the kids sat silently in the back seat.  Matt and I both knew that he hadn't hit the guy's truck, but unlike this Okie guy, Matt knows a thing or two about chivalry and humored him by sticking around.  Matt never gave the guy any satisfaction by reacting to his insults either.  What a role model.

The guy circled his truck, strutting his Oklahoma manhood, and acting like he owned the place.  Finally, he decided he didn't have a case against us (because we didn't throw a stone at his truck, obviously).  

He said to Matt, "Tell you what, I'll let you off the hook this time if you'll do me a favor."  Matt kept his cool and replied, "What's that?"  "Why don't you try keeping your head out of your ass next time," he said.

We drove off, giggling, but at the same time feeling relieved.

I know this guy thought he must have looked pretty tough, but from where I was sitting he was the one with his head in his ass.  What a hick!

With the big earthquake in Japan and Tsunami disasters happening just the day before, I couldn't help but wonder why this guy was spared to haunt the earth in all of his stupidity?  Why, when surely thousands of nicer, more worthwhile, more interesting, and more loving people in Japan lost their lives, lost their families, lost their homes, and were destined to sleep in the cold waiting for after-shocks?  It just seems too unjust.

My heart goes out to everyone who is struggling through this natural disaster.  Peace and Love.

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