Nine is Beautiful

MyGirl turned a big 9 yesterday and I had a great time spoiling her rotten.

Happy Birthday, honey!
Birthday Glow

My mother had this paperback book with different cakes in it all shaped like something and decorated with candy.  There were cakes that looked like a bear, a train, a candy cart, a clown...you get the idea.  I loved picking out a cake every year on my birthday so I've diligently continued the tradition with my kids.  The only difference is that I don't have the book, so we just make cakes up!

This year MyGirl wanted a Hello Kitty cake.  Even yummier in red velvet with cream cheese frosting:
Hello Cake

She was served a special Birthday Brunch with her favorite potatoes and bacon.  Inspiration for the eggs found here.  We added extra sharp white cheddar.  To try MyGirl's favorite potatoes yourself, just make the usual breakfast homefries in olive oil and garlic.  In the middle of cooking them, add a generous amount of tamari and then at the end of cooking, add a generous amount of brown sugar.  *sweet 'n salty*
Heart Omelets

Birthday Brunch

There was of course much ado about gift receiving, and then a movie night of "Mean Girls 2", popcorn and snuggles.

The highlight for me was before bed when we were goofing around with Photo Booth on my Mac (top photo) and I said to her, "You're mine.  MyGirl said, "No, you're mine."  Then she smiled really big  and grinned, "We're each other's!!!"

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