Bikes, and Breakfast for One

This morning called for some rallying to get me on my bike and out the door to pick up the Touareg (yay, it's fixed!!).  I huffed it up some rolling hills and froze my ears off, but it was a pretty exhilarating way to start the day!
Cars are much faster but bikes make you feel better.
Once home, and Matt out the door to work, I started cooking up some awesome breakfast for one:  Two eggs over medium with dashes of basil and garlic with sourdough toast and lingonberry jam (thanks, Ikea!).  Of course, coffee on the side is a daily must.

I hope the car doesn't break down again anytime soon, but it was a great reminder that I'm a true biker at heart.  I spent a lot of time behind the handlebars as a kid.  My dad would have me and my sister riding with him to the swimming pool to swim, the store for treats, even to a haunted house in the dark (I advise against this for small children, I was scared to death on the way home!).

Well, cheers:  To keeping up good bike habits!

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