Pounding Nails into Walls; House to Home

I haven't felt so at home since the big move, and I've been working really hard to make this new house more homey.  What is it about filling up the walls that make a house into a home?  It's taken some time, but I feel like the walls are looking a lot better (some other than white wall paint would be a good thing too...but maybe later).
Living room,
a collection of archived paintings I did some years ago

Dining area,
black and white photography I did for a college class

kid photo montage

four piece painting I painted and hardly ever have a big enough wall for
Some other things that make a house a home:

1)     Pets that love you
2)     A shelf full of books
3)     Good music playing (I'm listening to the Indigo Girls, Become You)
4)     A well used kitchen
5)     An oversized table to gather around (I'm shopping for this, and can't make a decision!  Stay tuned.)
6)     Unpacked boxes (I would say this is 35% complete)

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Kamie Kahlo said...

It looks lovely enough to visit!

Ajax said...

~Kamie~ thank you and you should!! So glad to have your follow. <3

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