Time to Draw

Kids are in SCHOOL (as of yesterday).  So...since I spent the whole day yesterday unpacking boxes...I figured I deserved a reprieve.  I spent the morning finishing a drawing I started in the car on the way back from Oklahoma.
In progress

Good job kids going to school and leaving your mom some time to herself.  And also good job loving your new school and being happy little troopers.  As much as I loved homeschooling you in Oklahoma, I'm really glad that job belongs to someone else now.  Look how sweet and happy you look on your way out the door...
First school morning in Portland!

3 thoughts:

Michael said...

These children are amazing and obviously of the highest quality. Where did you get them? Were they expensive?

Ajax said...

I blame their obvious amazement on their grandpa. But no, someone was just passing out awesome kids one day on the street corner...You should check that out.

jenn said...

um......WHO HE?
and....WHO SHE?

and....HOW did they learn to post comments on blogs??

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