Drizzly Day and White Bean, Turkey and Kale Soup

On a drizzly day like this one, it always makes me feel cozy to make soup and this is the soup I make most often (in other words, I highly reccomend it!):

White Bean, Turkey and Kale Soup (for a rainy day)

First, you'll need to put on some good music, I'm listening to Nellie Mckay's album Home Sweet Mobile Home.  But whatever keeps you going is good.

I'd also recommend a nice glass of red wine to inspire the cooking project.

Here are some key Ingredients:
Ground Turkey
Vegetable Broth
Olive Oil
White Beans
Lemon Juice

Now, chop up an onion and a few cloves of garlic to saute in olive oil.  This starts the soup off with really good flavor.  (Use a big soup pot, because this recipe is a 'one pot wonder'.)
Add carrots chopped 'coin style'.  
Add broth (I used two cartons) and additional water based on your soupy preference.
Add rinsed and drained beans (I used three cans (butter beans, black eyed peas, and white kidney beans)).
Simmer all of this for a bit and meanwhile chop some kale.  Don't forget to wash the greens.  Last week, I found a ladybug in my romaine lettuce!!

Add the chopped kale (I used one bunch).

Now we add a few splashes of lemon juice and tamari and a dash or two of ground pepper.  Simmer some more until the kale is a bit tender.  Mmmm....and now....

Soup is Ready.
Don't be afraid to modify this with anything your creative kitchen intuition comes up with...that's the best thing about soup, it always turns out gooooood.

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