Stacking Bands and Rambunctiousness

With all the productivity going on around here,  I have a large enough inventory to feel like a real shop on Etsy...you may be wondering how I get any work done with the kids and all.  Well, I just let them do whatever they want and we're all happy.  Here they are during another long bout of posting listings to Etsy that went on this morning.  Yes, it is past noon and they are still in PJs.  But look how happy:

This is the favorite sport of "fluffy stair jumping" where the kids take every pillow in the house and fill the stair landing to create the perfect landing zone for jumping down a flight of stairs.  I still think the risk of this misadventure is worth the free time I get out of letting them do it...knock on wood!

2 thoughts:

Fi, Previously Owned said...

loooove the stacked rings! Oh, and dear I haven't forgotten about you! I was crazy busy with some design projects and my computer actually broke down. I had all the files there including your ad. So, yeah this week I finally got it back, did the blog redesign and DIED lol so, now for June :) For SURE.

Ajax said...

Thanks, Fi. No worries, just glad you're back on track, darn computers anyways!

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