For Dad...

My Dad is the most unconventional of Dads I've ever met.  When I was really young, he was a birthday clown, putting acts together for kids (and my own) birthdays...size 20 converse, red nose, mini harmonica, juggling rings and all.  He was really funny in all of his silence.  I learned how to juggle and attempted the unicycle. He moonlighted as a guitarist in a country band.  I don't know a lot about that, although I do have one of his shirts, all plaid and with those pearly snaps and pointy collar.  His classical guitar playing is crazy good and I love it.  I can thank my Dad for my silliness and musical interests for sure.  I have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to my Dad, more than I could say.  So, I made him a Pop-Up Card for Father's Day because a real live card is just so much better than a phone call or an email. And he deserves it.  <3

Make A Pop-Up Card For Your Dad:

Think of a theme, something your Dad digs.  My Dad digs playing the guitar and Garden Gnomes (because I started collecting them for him and hiding them around his house).

Plan a scene and what parts of the scene should have three dimensional qualities.  I chose a garden/music scene, naturally, and wanted the guitar playing and the text of the card to work in three dimensions.

This card uses paper strips accordion folded for added dimension behind the guitar and the mushrooms. The text says, "Happy Dad's Day" in a music note font and will slip behind the right side of the card through a slit in the paper.

Use a fine tip Sharpie and colored pencil to add detail to your paper designs.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

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