Forest Park

Yesterday, I dug out my hiking boots, camelback, and daypack for what turned into an 8 mile exploration of one of Portland's amazing trail parks, Forest Park.

We are so fortunate to live in a city where over 70 miles of trails are available for hiking and biking within the city limits.  It was interesting feeling like I was in the middle of a forest, secluded from it all, but could still sometimes hear the sounds of the city filtering in through the trees.  Yesterday, the trail showed me creatures; snail, slug, caterpillar, crow, finch...and plants; trillium, fern, catchweed, maple, foxglove, mushroom...only to name a few.  In a month there will be so many berries; huckleberry, salmon berry, and even raspberry.  Already salmon berries were ripe for picking.  The sun was brilliant but we were shaded beneath a canopy of giant trees covered in moss and vines, the air was humid.  Through the peaceful shade of the trees, tiny bursts of sunlight found its way down through it all to land on spiderwebs and light up leaves.

I'm looking forward to returning to hike the ridge, where there will be views of Portland's beautiful old bridges and Mt Hood.

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