Creamy Pesto Adventure

Summer makes me CRAVE salad!  Today I was out of my favorite salad dressing (hazelnut vinaigrette) but I had to have something on my salad..so I dug some stuff out of the fridge door and got crazy.

Faking It Creamy Pesto Dressing

One Part:  Olive Oil Mayo
One Part:  Pesto Sauce (leftover from pasta)
Splash:  Lemon Juice (I actually only had lime, still GOOD)

Pesto was so good with sweet apple, crunchy celery and carrots, and quick toasted sourdough croutons over romaine. Afterwards, I was all set to take the big dog for his swim in the river (he nearly pulled me in, I have the bloody scrape to prove it) but I wasn't crabby because my belly was full of yummy salad and pesto.

Good Salad, Naughty Pup. :)

3 thoughts:

Raina Cox said...

Dude, that post title is downright pornographic.

Ajax said...

Raina~of course you would....hahhahahah You;re killing me.

cathouseprints said...

That salad sounds FAB!

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