Ocean Cleanse

"Silence within silence, no words within blank space, nothing on blank page, less within the void."- Jalal Rumi

Something about the sound of the ocean releases me.  I feel nothing but peace.  Somehow the crashing constance of the waves becomes silence and my mind stops racing, I am only the moment and the sound of the ocean all around me.

We took a day trip to Seaside just to get away and lucked out with some sun even (you never know on the Oregon Coast).  Ambitious seagulls, broken sand dollars, persistant wind, a kite dotted sky, and sparkling sand all made the day a perfect getaway.

5 thoughts:

Erika Lee Sears said...

first love the photos- they are so mysterious. 2nd- i love the ocean too- I think it's the sound/smell its all so relaxing and being apart of nature.

cathouseprints said...

I feel like I was there, too. The photos and your description are right on and just beautiful!

Open House LLC said...

You are so good at getting away and finding inspiration in just about everything. It sounds like you are in a happy place right now and I am thrilled!

Ajax said...

There is definitely a lot of clarity to be found when I stand back and regroup, I can really appreciate the goodness all around.

em said...

Looks like it was a great getaway! Love that they are all in black and white!

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