Two Nights On The Clackamas, Reuben Style

Lucky us to find a sweet spot on the Clackamas River that was perfectly un-manicured and mostly deserted, making it the best accommodation ever for Reuben the dog.  He is very whiny and obnoxious around anyone he doesn't know and love, which makes him extremely not compatible with your average campground camping spot (you know the type with fencing, electric cooking options, massive RVs, and speed bumps (ugh)).  He requires the true rustic getaway (my preference anyway!).

Camping provided some much needed leisure and I was able to finish my book, lay in some very warm sunshine, pick huckleberries, and linger around the campfire.  The last night, a very aggressive summer thunderstorm hung just over our heads providing quite a show of lights and rumbling!  A perfectly adventurous end to the trip.

4 thoughts:

Timothy Bowen said...

Such beautiful scenery!!

Katie said...

Gorgeous pictures! Glad you had such a good time camping! xo

Jessica Wray said...

looks beautiful. I love camping-- it's a favorite of mine for sure!

Chandra said...

glad you made it back out of the wilderness! hope you enjoyed your time away :D

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