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I'm not sure if I would yet call my little Etsy shop successful, but I have made 9 sales to date!  Yay!  I feel really good about making sales with such a new shop and it being summer, the slowest part of the year for business.  And, most importantly I'm enjoying the work.  It's really such a rush to find out you have an order, get the jewelry all prettied and polished up, package the entire thing, and mail it off for someone else to love.  (I've had two orders from Canada--Canadians must love my work, don't you think?).  So, all in all it's been rewarding in more ways than just a little extra income.

Here's what I've been working on lately:

Khafra Pyramid Posts

Truth Seeker Sterling Silver Link Bracelet

Traditional Basket Earring Textured
One thing I find challenging about selling online is that your buyers aren't able to physically hold or try on products.  One of my latest infatuations with metal is in hand making chains.  They feel amazing, with the weight of the metal and the texture that only hand made chains have.  I want my buyers to experience it!  That especially makes me want to try a brick and mortar store soon...or maybe a craft fair.  But for now I am focussing on the back to school vibe coming this way.  I can't believe the kids go back in less than two weeks.  Time to arm them with new clothes, pencils, and backpacks, and prepare for the jarring reality of schedules and the daily grind.  (I am looking forward to some quiet around the house and more time to work out, shhh don't tell the kids.)

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Anonymous said...

I really like the pyramids. those look really cool

Anonymous said...

Love the first earrings!

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