Gratified Fridays

I'm starting a new theme for Fridays to remember the week with and recall some reasons to be thankful, just keeping that glass half full!

---->Two amazing finds this week at my new favorite thrift store, Vintage Variety-a Sweet Secret toy, the very favorite one I had when I was small...AND a fabulous new coffee cup!

---->Most materialistically, I am so in love with treasures brought home from Ikea a couple days ago, two shelving units and new curtains) making our house look more homey.

---->A new favorite recipe from here I made on wednesday and had leftovers too!!  I plan on making this again and again and again..seriously click over if you love spaghetti bolognese!!

---->A visit to the DMV (why is this on a things I'm thankful for list???) because it only took one hour (instead of four) as we waited for our number to come up.  We had enough money (nearly 200 bucks!!) to cover the cost of new plates and registration.

---->MyBoy sold a pair of earrings for me off of my Etsy site to one of his school teachers, and I was so happy to give him $2 for commission.

---->Flowers.  A beautiful reminder from my husband at the end of a bad day yesterday that he is right there for me.

So there it is, my week in a list of thanks.  Happy friday everyone!

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Jessica Nicely said...

I LOVE this concept!! :) GREAT post!! And love all the awesome finds!! Wish I had a cute little thrift store like that near me! ;)
Hope this week is off to a great start for you!! :)

Chandra said...

the shelves are "just my style" and i'm lovin' the art!

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