Angry Wasp Season & Sweet Pepper Salad

I've been out regularly working it with my husband, breaking in those new Nikes.  Well, this morning, a wasp made a bee line (hah) for my hair and gave me a scare and a sting right above my ear!  Boo, the risks of exercise...it still hurts and I'm still mad at that wasp.  The funny thing is that, Matt was stung just last week while we were out burning calories minding our own business.  What is this, angry wasp season, or do we both just smell like flowers??

In my quest lately to be a healthy healthy girl, I have been cooking out of Natalia Rose's Raw Food book again.  I absolutely love this pepper tomato salad.  It's great by itself, in sandwiches, and even as a pizza topping.  It lasts for days in the fridge, so it is a great thing to use all week long!

Here's the easy recipe:

Cut up a bunch of pretty, sweet peppers.
Cut up a tomato.
Mince a clove of garlic.
Add lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy a healthy treat!  Simple, easy, and yum, and don't leave your house without bee repellent!

2 thoughts:

Open House LLC said...

Great recipe...I'm in!

Chandra said...

bad wasp!...yummy treat :D

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