Really Good Cooking

Something really came over me yesterday, I just had to cook something complicated, and earlier this week, I had been completely inspired by a post on one of my favorite food blogs, Herbie Likes Spaghetti .  The recipe seemed perfectly delicious and I had most of the ingredients already.

Here's my take on Fettucini with Fresh Corn Pesto:

I will admit to a few things, I never properly follow a recipe and in this one, I added some breaded chicken pieces, substituted spaghetti for the fettucini, and left out the walnuts.  Also, the smoke alarm went off while I was frying all that bacon and chicken!  I have never tried or ever even heard of corn pesto....it is incredible!  I could have licked the food processor clean.  YUM!

3 thoughts:

Bryan, YiRan, Herbie said...

That's a great idea to add in the breaded chicken, the result looks really good! Next time we make this one, we'll definitely add that in.

Anonymous said...

YUM!! making me hungry!!

Shockgrubz said...

The pictures made it easy for me to remember how to make it. Thanks for this tasty treasure!

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