Seven Things

Along with accepting the Versatile Blogger Award from the lovely Chandra, I am also expected to share seven things about myself with you, dear readers.

1)  I don't mind gutting a fish.

 2)  I am currently infatuated with making things out of metal.

3)  My nickname is Ajax because of some friends in junior high school and my initials being AJA.

4)  I've been to Cape Town, South Africa.

5)  I think Wonder Woman is pretty cool and she greets me nearly every morning from her place on my favorite coffee cup.

6)  My big dog's name is Reuben, he was a rescue pup from the pound.  I went one day when they were offering a discount on black dogs (apparently black dogs don't get adopted easily).  Ruby didn't qualify at the time (he's Reuben sandwich colored, obviously..) but I took him home anyway.  You have to come up with a name on the spot when you adopt a dog from the pound, and the kids and I decided on the name Cupcake.

7)   I love to eat and make sushi!

Now, as also expected of a Versatile Blog Recipient, I would like to nominate Iris From her blog BYOV!!  I absolutely love following her adventures as she travels, does stuff herself (DIY), and even cooks and bakes!  Also, and this is important, her blog looks amazing, always.  Check this girl out!

Here's to you, Iris ------->>>>

Happy weekend to everyone!

6 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I want to go to South Africa. :(


Anonymous said...

Wonder Woman is awesome. AND, if you didn't know, DC Comics is rebooting their entire line, and an all new Wonder Woman #1 comes out next Wednesday, written by one of my favorite writers in comics, Brian Azzerello. You should totally check it out.

Chandra said...

Are you sure we're not sisters from a past life?!? With the exception of metal making {i have no skills} visiting Africa {on my list of places} and your nickname {could i be comet?} we have/like the same things. I always wanted a sister, LOL!

Ajax said...

Mr. Pope~ gonna check that out for sure, thanks for the heads up!

Chandra~ we probably are sisters, separated at birth. Definitely blog sisters for sure!

Agora tô pronta said...

thank you for visiting!
I'm following you.

Shasta said...

Oh, you may be fine with gutting a fish, but what about putting a wriggling worm on a hook. Yuck! That always got me. ::shudder:: :)


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