Karma & thank you, George

In my rush to leave the house yesterday with MyGirl to make a 5 o'clock appointment, I forgot my wallet!  The car was down to 0 miles in the gas tank, and I only realized I was without plastic when I pulled into the gas station.

I asked if the attendant would take a check (which I keep in the car just for these emergencies) but of course gas stations don't take checks.

I smiled at him, and started off with what little gas that was left, wondering what in the world I was going to do...I wouldn't make it home, or to the appointment....I was mulling this all over when I heard a sharp whistle!

I quickly put the car into reverse and rolled down my window to find a different gas attendant.  He was a very old man with a kind heart.  He asked me what the trouble was, I guess that the other gas attendant had mentioned that I was completely out of gas.

After a second, the old man gave me a very stern look, reminding me that he was on Social Security and couldn't afford to pay my way, but that if I promised I was good for the money, he would put ten bucks in my tank.

I wrote George a check and we made it to our appointment on time!  George is my hero, he saved my day from a lot of inconvenient walking or possibly hitch hiking, or gas carrying, or so many other awful situations that my forgetfulness could have created.

George, you deserve cookies, good Karma forever, and thank you!

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iris said...

Ah, the kindness of strangers!
I once missed a flight, and ended up basically begging for money to make a phone call at the airport. That was a little easier, because phone calls don't cost much. But still. Soooo awkward.

Chandra said...

Thank you George for reminding me there are still kind hearted people in the world!

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